Congratulations to Apakatjah whose debut single WARU was released on 8 November and premiered by


“Waru is a song about fire and water. The fire spreads through the bush and burns everything in its path. It consumes all the loose debris and fallen trees and prepares the way for new life. Water comes and gives food for hope and for future. 

It is an age old cultural song for us – a reminder of our connection to culture and country, and a metaphor for both the past and present Australia’s colonial story. A time in life that requires us to acknowledge and examine what’s happened, what’s still happening and what needs to change. A time to decide what to burn, what to refine by fire and what to carry with us into the future. Culture doesn’t just apply to Aboriginal peoples but to all – and there exists both good and bad. We all need to decide what to take forward and what to leave behind. 

The film story of Waru reveals a process that needs to take place in order to arrive at a place of hope and healing – that is, when we acknowledge the hurt of the past, all cultures refined through fire. We exercise truthfulness that brings emotions of sorrow, pain and forgiveness. A process that we call Australia’s ‘sorry business’. As a nation we should join in acknowledging and mourning in order to arrive at the other side together as a community – cleansed, healed and empowered.” 

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