CAAMA Music is excited to re-release 6 classic CAAMA Music albums.
Digitally re-mastered the albums are available across online streaming services and available for radio airplay!
The six albums include; Ilkari Maru, Wedgetail Eagle Band, Western Desert Band, Blackstorm, Bill Wellington and Titjikala Desert Oaks Band. All recorded between 1984 and 1996 many of these remastered classics haven’t been available for online listening or on radio stations since the late 90s.
Titjikala Desert Oaks Band
The Titjikala Desert Oaks Band recorded most of their songs in Pitjantjatjara and combine the traditional harmonies of choir music with country-rock, rythym and blues. Their lyrics speak of the problems faced by young Aboriginal people coming to terms with town life, love affairs gone wrong and the clash of cultures.
Hailing from Yuendumu, about 300kms from Alice Springs, Blackstorm recorded Desert Calling at CAAMA Studios in 1995, a blend of Hendrix style rock with inspiration soul it became known as Desert Wave. Blackstorm took this special blend and toured with The Screaming Jets soon after the album’s release.
Western Desert Band
Western Desert Band recorded their first album in 1991 at CAAMA Studios. Singing in both Warlpiri & English the bands songs centre around stories on country as well as socio-political issues.
Ilkari Maru
Ilkari Maru (meaning Black Sky) first recorded their self titled album in 1984, with the hit title track Tjamu Tjamu. Beginning in the Pitjantjatjara community of Amata, south of Uluru, Ilkari Maru performed a unique blend of rock-n-rythym and desert surf the band are one of the Central Desert’s favourite’s.
Wedgetail Eagle Band
With a classic album cover created by the legendary Redback Graphix the Wedgetail Eagle Band self titled track in a brilliant work of art. Formed in Fregon & recorded in 1986 at CAAMA Music, the band from the APY Lands the band were originally described as having a poppy uncluttered style – influenced by the Lindy-hopping period of east coast black music from the USA.
Bill Wellington 
Bill Wellington recorded the album Memories of Alice in 1994, a unique album with pop reggae and psych influences the album is a complex mix of fun upbeat ballads and hard hitting political numbers like the hit, What Cause Have You To Celebrate.
Available to download across all streaming services now: