CAAMA Music’s Therrka Endangered Languages project was recently featured on Dan Browning’s AWAYE! program on ABC Radio National.

Join CAAMA Music Studio Manager, Matt Byrnes, and artist, Stuart Nuggett, as they talk with Rudi Bremer, about how the project came together.

The Therrka Endangered Language series features music Jonathan Doolan and the Areyonga Band, The Williams Family, Lemih Thompson and Stuart Nuggett. More information about Therrka can be found here.

Interviewer (Rudi Bremer):

Has writing songs in Jingili and doing this project with CAAMA, has it made you think about Jingili language in a different way?

Stuart Nuggett: 

Yes, absolutely, it’s got me thinking about how important my language is… how important this is. It is like a door opening… I just took a chance, one shot, to help bring this language back to life. To bring it back again… It opened my whole spectrum of seeing how important it is for me, my people.

I hope that influences the whole tribe, in this nation, in this country. Language is very important for our culture.

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