The Williams Family Release self-titled EP through the Therrka Endangered Languages Music Series!




The Williams Family are Genise, Damien and Nicholas Williams. Hailing from Hermannsburg and Alice Springs and influenced by their grandfather Gus Williams OAM, The Williams Family singers are backed musically by their ‘Golden Guitar’ and ‘Red Ochre Award’ NIAA father Warren H Williams. They were brought up singing and playing music and were influenced by Christian gospel and country music.

In this, the international year of indigenous languages, The Therrka Endangered Languages Project was a perfect opportunity for these singers to band together and cover five of their favourite chorals and pay homage to their Central Australian Christian upbringing.








The video supporting ‘The Williams Family’ EP in language Western Aranda is:

Etwalkur’ inthurra ungkwanganga (Nearer, My God, to Thee)