Having grown up with my Father being involved with the development of electronics in this country, I have a fairly sound (no pun intended) understanding of the recording process from go to whoa in regards of music production.


For me, CAAMA has opened up a whole new vista in terms of the development of Australian music (whether it be mainstream or indigenous) and am very impressed with the production and mastering of the CD’s I have purchased: World class!


Am also impressed with the song writing and quality of the bands in your catalogue. It seems that there is a whole new genre in Desert Reggae developing and can see this going a long way. If only I had a lounge room twice as big, I could probably successfully buy a heap more but, unfortunately, the allocated space has been pushed to the boundaries.


I am also impressed with the appearance and easy navigation of your web-site and the ease of on-line ordering as well. Good to see that your site has the same up-to-date functionality as any other music site.


Graham T. Lake, QLD August 2015