The first single from KnD’s new album is released today to iTunes, featuring the beautiful voice of Kristal West (one of our Alukura competition winners)

It was premiered by the AAA Backstage website yesterday, who’ve said:

Calling Alice Springs home, KnD are a duo consisting of Karnage (Tristrum Watkins) and Darknis (Corinna Hall), the former being one of the first to champion hip hop in Alice Springs and having met the latter during his uni days. The two share a kinship in both musical camaraderie and the social issues that plague their surroundings.

 It’s here where KnD truly shine and appear outward in their masterful hip hop delivery–speaking so confidently and drawing attention to Aboriginal land rights and social and economic tensions. Cut Me acts as a catharsis to this subject matter with Karnage and Darknis rapping in turns to illustrate the cycle of domestic violence. It’s the first single to be taken from the duo’s new album, released this year via CAAMA Music.

 Lyrical content aside, Cut Me is just as strong in its production and delivery. A constantly groovy, looping guitar sample back pedals over the thumping bass. KnD’s music is truly a collaborative effort. They write all their songs together, taking turns to bring a tune and spontaneously adding lyrics to the melodies they create.

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