CAAMA did a really fantastic job at Mbantua Festival.

The sound quality from the main concert state in the river bed at the Old Telegraph station was really exceptional.Frank Yamma, Missy Higgins, Ben Fanning, Dan Sultan, the Tjupi Band and Jessica Mauboy all sound bright , clear and beautiful. When called for the system had lots of punch.Simultaneously installing 240 degrees of quality sound around the Speedway for Bush Mechanics was a big daunting challenge but again the result really great.

I was also enormously impressed by the crew, the positive quality of the team and the speed things appeared to be rigged and derigged.Many, many thanks for a job well done. It is wonderful that Central Australia has such a great stage and sound system to support bands and events across the Territory.

Nigel Jamieson, Co-artistic Director, Mbantua Festival.