The latest single to be released from the Alukura compilation album is ‘Need 4 Greed’ by THAYLIA.  Check out her music video, which adds to this commentary on modern society and the way that corporate interests dominate.

Thaylia is of Greek/Aboriginal heritage and at 23 she discovered her passion for music and picked up an instrument for the very first time. However due to her struggle with addiction it wouldn’t be until a decade later that her true journey in music would begin. She got sober, quit her high paying corporate job, sold her house and car and moved to Sydney to pursue her musical passions full time.

Now fulfilling a lifelong dream at the Australian Institute of Music, she is completing a Bachelor of Music with a major in Composition and Music Production. But although music is a part of who she is it does not define her life. Her journey first and foremost is to find all the buried and broken bits in her soul and heal. She loves astronomy and is fascinated by the galaxies, and has a deep interest in learning about the truth of the universe, the human soul and how it functions.

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