Congratulations to Jacinta Price, who was the talk of Woodford Festival this year! The festival is held annually for a week around New Year’s Eve, at a site near Brisbane.

A wrap-up review by Karen & John Hutt, writing for Scenestr said:

“But our pick of the festival for this year surely goes to Jacinta Price. With a set ranging from folk through to blues and swing, she demonstrated astonishing vocal range and power. No more so than during her cover of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ – a soulful version that goes straight into the top ten of ‘covers that are better than the original’.

With (music and life) partner Colin Lillie on guitar, plus drum, bass and keyboard players, she finished her set with her powerful song ‘Wisdoms’, which truly epitomises why Woodfordia works when others around are failing – it’s all about diversity and connections, especially the wonderful people you meet, and the good friends that you make on your Woodfordia journey.”

Jacinta Price Woodford Folk Festival

Jacinta Price’s album ‘Dry River’ is available on iTunes.