Yolngu artist Gawurra has released his very first music video, Ratja Yaliyali, the title track from his debut album. It was shot in his new home of Melbourne, by Pippa Samaya, and features subtitles of the Gupapuyngu lyrics and their English translations.


A beautiful melody, and a well-known Yolngu Songline, Ratja Yaliyali [pronounced Rart-ja yarl-i yarl-i] translates to Vine of Love; a thread of love that keeps everything connected. When Yolngu people hear it they feel the spirit in their hearts. If they have a problem or feel gloomy, they listen to Ratja Yaliyali as it touches them and builds their spirit making them stronger and brighter.

Gawurra was born on the Gove Peninsula and spent time as a child on his Grandmother’s land of Yathalamara, before moving to Milingimbi Island. He has recently moved to live in Melbourne with his family, in order to concentrate on his musical career. His culture, songlines, stories and history are deeply embedded in his resonant voice and soulful blend of traditional and contemporary songs.

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