Yolngu man and CAAMA Music artist Gawurra appeared in Rolling Stone Australia this week in a review of his debut album, Ratja Yaliyali. 

Here’s what the world-famous magazine had to say about his fusion of traditional singing and contemporary beats:

“Ratja Yaliyali (‘Vine of Love’) takes its title and focus from a Yolngu songline of Gawurra’s Milingimbi Island country. It’s an immersive cycle, highly suggestive of the totemic plants, animals, and natural rhythms it celebrates – see “Guwak (Little Black Bird)”, in which Gawurra’s repeating vocal refrain recalls the chirrup of the titular bird. All songs are performed in the Gupapuyngu language, with faultless production from Broadwing framing Gawurra’s expressive, communicative vocal. “Burala (Diving Duck)” entrances with its throbbing desert rock riff, while the album’s electronic tics frequently recall the likes of Múm. Like fellow Yolngu artist Gurrumul, Gawurra commands attention regardless of backdrop.” 

To buy the album ‘Ratja Yaliyali’ click here.