Commemorating life in Central Australia, with the help of the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) Music branch, Doctor Alan Tucker and country music superstar Warren H Williams are releasing two very special singles.

Celebrating Dr Alan Tucker’s close relationship with the Northern Territory spanning more than 20 years, in the year of CAAMA Music’s 40th birthday, these tracks are the result of a splendid musical collaboration between two men that hold the sacred ground of Central Australia close to their hearts.

Aranda man, Golden Guitar winner and CAAMA Music Artist Mentor Warren H Williams‘ arrangements and peaceful melodic country style perfectly compliment the words of songwriter and medical practitioner Dr Alan Tucker.

The first single “John Flynn’s Mob” is a touching tribute to Reverend John Flynn, OBE, DD (1880 – 1951) and the ongoing hard work of the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).

The second release “Going Back to Walungurru” tells the story of the hardship that comes with losing your home and the sweet moment of reconnecting. This historic tale is based on the true story of the Pintupi people of the Western Desert Region, Central Australia.

Both of these releases are being offered to you, free of charge, in an effort to promote two very important medical services integral to the health of Central Australian remote communities; The Royal Flying Doctor Service and Purple House’s remote dialysis unit.

Listen now:

John Flynn’s Mob

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Written in the late 1990s by Dr Alan Tucker and performed by Warren H Williams, “John Flynn’s Mob” celebrates the long-running 24-hour aeromedical emergency remote-area support provided by the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).

Having been a remote medical practitioner in at least 56 Central Australian outback communities, Dr Alan Tucker has also worked for the RFDS in a position as an Air Medical retrieval doctor and as a Northern Territory Remote Workforce fly-in, fly-out drive-in, drive-out doctor, Dr Alan Tucker is no stranger to the hardships and unique experiences that come with working in rural and remote Australia.

Recorded in 2019 at CAAMA Music Studio in Alice Springs, this country ballad with lyrics by Dr. Alan Tucker and performance by ‘Golden Guitar’-winning artist Warren H Williams is a touching tribute to Dr. John Flynn and the ongoing hard work of the RFDS.

Aranda man Warren H Williams said in an interview with CAAMA Music “I’ve got a lot of respect for the RFDS because it has saved a lot of people’s lives all around the Outback.” He also credits the RFDS for saving his own life some years ago by providing prompt emergency medical transport from the remote town of Tennant Creek. “I’d like people to appreciate the Royal Flying Doctor Service for what they do. They fly to a lot of isolated places and they are the only ones that can get there.”

Dr Tucker has inspired many, including quite a few members of his own family, to pursue a career in remote medicine and hopes to inspire many more.

In a later interview, Dr Alan Tucker speaks fondly of his medical career spanning more than 58 years including 23 years in Central Australian Aboriginal Communities for 2-4 months annually. He also expresses his appreciation of the Ngankaris (traditional Aboriginal healers) and their important roles in the medical system.

Dr Tucker wanted to bring this song to life as a way to ‘give back’ and spread awareness of the life-saving Royal Flying Doctor Service.

To donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, go to: gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3sKb9L785QIVASQrCh3AYQiCEAAYAyAAEgKI-fD_BwE

Going back to Walungurru

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‘Going Back to Walungurru’ is inspired by the true story about the Pintupi people of Walungurru (Kintore). It describes the removal of the Pintupi people from their land in the 1950s to make way for missile testing and the feeling when…

… after 30 long years they were able to return home.

Written in the late 1990’s by Dr Alan Tucker, ‘Going Back to Walungurru’ was first performed by Dr Tucker at a packed Brian Young gig in Kintore, 1998.

In this latest release, Aranda man, celebrated country musician and CAAMA Music Artist Mentor Warren H Williams reimagines this historical tale, creating an “outback scene” with his peaceful vocals and musical arrangement. Recorded in 2019 at the CAAMA Music Studio in Alice Springs, Warren H’s rendition of this track is a heartfelt tribute to the community of Walungurru.

Dr Tucker has a strong personal connection with the Western Desert community of Walungurru, located almost 600km west of Alice Springs. After first being made aware of the lack of medical services in Walungurru in 1995, Dr Tucker began providing medical care for the community alongside the local Ngankaris (traditional Aboriginal healers), three Remote Health workers and a nurse.

He continued to work in the community regularly until January 2012. Thriving on the challenge of life in the desert, the kindness of the local people and learning some of the Pintupi language.

By offering this song as a free download, Dr Alan Tucker hopes to bring attention to the community of Walungurru and also the essential services provided to the community by the Purple House and its mobile dialysis unit.

Dr Tucker’s release was inspired by the Papunya Tula artists from Walungurru and Kiwirrkurra who raised a large sum of money, ultimately leading to the opening of the first dialysis clinic at Kintore in 2004.

Purple House is entirely Indigenous-run and owned and it’s care is based around family, country and compassion.

To donate to the Purple House, go to:

More information about Warren H Williams:

Born in the remote community of Hermannsburg, 120kms west of Alice Springs, Warren H Williams is one of the biggest Indigenous names in the Australian country music scene.

His recent ventures illustrate his evolving talents: in 2007 he premiered his first musical ‘The Magic Coolamon’ and in 2008 a country music television show ‘Pmarra Country’, on NITV.

Warren was the 2012 ‘Red Ochre Award’ winner at the National Indigenous Arts Awards and has been inducted into the Hands Of Fame at Tamworth.

In 2006 he was named NAIDOC ‘Artist of the Year’ and the NT Indigenous Music Awards presented him ‘Most Popular Song’ in 2005 and “Male Artist of the Year’ in 2004.

He is in high demand for his guitar skills and can often be seen helping out on stage, in recording studios or penning songs for his many friends and talented family in the music industry in the Northern Territory.

Follow this link for more information about Warren H Williams.

More information about Dr Tucker:

Dr Alan Tucker inside ‘Bluey’ at Walungurru (Kintore)

Dr Alan Mark Tucker, M.B.B.S. (Lond), D. Obst.R.C.O.G., D.P.H.(Bristol), D.C.H.(Lond), MRCP(UK), FAFPHM, FRACGP, FFPH(UK)

At age 4, Dr Tucker witnessed the tragic death of his close cousin to Tuberculosis and as a result, found himself driven to become a doctor. This desire allowed him to excel in his studies and receive a scholarship to the University of London.

Graduating in 1961, he gained a swag of postgraduate degrees and provided clinical, teaching, and mentoring services for many years in the UK, Hobart Tasmania, and the Middle East, before regularly working in the Northern Territory from late 1994.

He has been a continuous member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) for 44 years. In 1991 he was elected a Foundation Fellow of the Royal Australian Colleges of Physicians (Public Health Faculty). In 2006 he was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) Public Health Medicine Faculty. In May 2011 he was awarded a plaque of recognition by the Northern Territory Health Workforce in appreciation for his 15 year contribution of medical services to the people of the Northern Territory (21 years as of 2017). After 40 years of continuous service as a Fellow he was awarded the Friend of the Faculty Medal by the Tasmanian Faculty of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in August 2016.

In 1995, as a result of multi-level severe spinal canal stenosis from osteoarthritis, he lost the use of his legs and required extensive orthopaedic surgery. He was able to make a virtually complete recovery and conducted his own long term rehabilitation by “walking miles” in remote Western Desert regions. He says “I made a deal with my ‘Maker’ that I would continue to return here as long as I kept well and clinically up to date!” Dr Tucker last worked in remote Australia in his 81st year (2017) as a Doctor in the Desert.

In 1979 Dr Tucker wrote the classic “To You Tasmania” for the 6th District Military Band with the Hobart Orpheus Choir. This was later reinterpreted as “Tasmania (Here’s to You)” with a modern twist by US pop acapella group The Exchange at the Festival of Voices 2015 in Tasmania. The accompanying video to this updated version of the song was produced with the help of Discover Tasmania and was viewed by many potential tourists around the globe, particularly in countries where The Exchange have a large number of fans such as China and South Korea. Watch it here!