Warren H Williams is the lead Artist Mentor at CAAMA Music.

CAAMA Music is Australia’s oldest Aboriginal record label and we love helping to get new artists heard around the world. Each year we receive lots of interest in recording opportunities at CAAMA and we do what we can to provide pathways and support to artists who want to work with us.

However, due to the sheer number of talented artists out there, it just is not possible to offer everyone a record deal!

One of the best things an artist can do is to submit a demo (i.e. expression of interest) that will make the CAAMA Music team take notice. Additionally, any evidence you can provide to show us that you take your music seriously is highly valued.

What is a demo?

music demo, or simply a demo, is a sample recording of your music.

Usually, demos are rough recordings of songs that showcase the potential of an artist or band. Demos are frequently sent by artists/bands to record labels to try and land a deal.

What song should I choose for my demo?

There is no easy answer to this question, but try to choose a song that you feel confident to play, but also that showcases the ‘potential uniqueness’ of your sound.

As a general rule, record labels are looking for ‘a new sound’ or ‘something that is a bit different’.

What about recording quality?

Ideally the quality of your recording will be decent, but the most important thing is highlighting the potential of your sound. Your demo doesn’t have to be well-produced (that’s where CAAMA can help), but do remember that we can only ascertain your sound based on what you send through, so don’t sell yourself short.

What about music in language?

Awesome! CAAMA Music loves to support music in language. In fact, the world market for music in Aboriginal language is growing and we definitely encourage artists to share culture with the world.

What about music genres?

We love all music genres at CAAMA Music 🙂 … but do try to be a little bit different from the crowd if you can! Oh, and taking your music seriously and professionally is !important!

I’ve submitted my demo but haven’t heard anything!

CAAMA Music will get back to everyone who submits a demo within 14 days. If you have not received a message to your phone or your email, send us a message via our contact form.

I’m sad, I got a message saying my EOI was not successful 🙁

Due to the sheer number of talented artists out there, it just is not possible to offer everyone a record deal or recording opportunities with CAAMA Music. Please know that ‘rolling with the ups and downs’ is just part of the music industry. Lots and lots of artists take a few goes at it before they are successful!

Whatever you do, don’t give up!

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