In the space of weeks, the whole world has changed! We hope you are safe and well wherever you are!

The CAAMA Music team is working hard to adjust to the new reality… and of course we will still be doing what we can to get great Aboriginal music out to the world!

For those of you who are isolating at home or have significantly changed life situations, perhaps you are needing some good music to listen to? Well, CAAMA Music is here to help; we’ve compiled a list of CAAMA Music’s most popular Spotify Playlists in the section below…

Oh and please be sure to give the 2019 Spotify Playlist a run… It features songs from the Therrka Endangered Languages Project… (and also will give you a chance to listen to Stuart Nuggett, whose new album is currently in production).

2019’s Therrka Language Series!

Therrka (meaning ‘grass’ in the Arrernte language) was a 2019 project undertaken by CAAMA Music to document, support and revive these languages through music. These tracks will touch you in a spiritually and moving way, drawing from the terra firma and delivering a powerful message from our majestic history.

The Therrka Endangered Languages music series features the following artists: The Williams Family, Stuart Nuggett, Lemih Thompson, Jonathan Doolan & The Areyonga Band.

CAAMA Music Classics!

Disclaimer! It is impossibly hard to compile a list of “Classics” or “Best Ofs” for CAAMA Music (every song has a history, and the history behind some of these songs is huge!)…

… but if you’re new to CAAMA Music, or just want a place to start exploring, this is a great playlist! Enjoy!

Assorted CAAMA Music Shows