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Kuunyi (Poor Thing) – Tjupi Band


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14 track CD performed in Luritja and English

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1. Petola Wanti (Leave Petola Alone)
2. Nyuntu Ngayunya Payinu (You Told Me To Leave)
3. Tjupi Music
4. Wilurrarakutu (Towards West)
5. Ngayulu Nyinanyi (I Was Sitting Alone)
6. Youngubela Kutju (One Young Fella)
7. Kunkangkuni Wanikatingu (My Girl Left Me)
8. Wati Palangku Kulila (Listen Carefully)
9. Anangu Luritjiku (For The Luritja People)
10. Ngurra-Nganampa (Our Homeland)
11. Wati-Kutju (One Man)
12. Wajilpa-Wajilpa (Sad, Feeling Lonely)
13. Ngayulu Nyangu (I’ve Seen It All)
14. Jamunya-Kapalinya (Grandfather And Grandmother)


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