Bunna Lawrie has written a song about his Mother, dedicated to all Mothers for “Mother’s Day” on 10th May. The Late Uncle Jimmy Little and the lovely Catherine Satour joined Bunna Lawrie on vocals.

The song is only available digitally via iTunes   https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/mother-single/id989103787

bunna lawrie from coloured stone with CAAMA Music

You can also listen to a 30 second snippet of the song on our website by clicking here 

A percentage of the proceeds of this song goes to support the Jimmy Little Foundation

He wrote the song for his mother when he realised she was getting old and ill. He was lucky enough to sing it to her before she passed on. When he finished singing it to her, she said, “Son, thank you for writing this song for me, but I want you to sing it for all Mothers as a gift and thank you song”. Bunna says his Mother was a wonderful person and his mother and your Mother are special.

When Bunna told this story to Uncle Jimmy Little and played him ‘Mother’, Jimmy was moved and said, “Mothers can be fathers as well and when you record Mother, come and get me and I will sing it with you” and so he did. A few months before Uncle Jimmy passed on, Bunna Lawrie shared a microphone and recorded the vocals for Mother with Jimmy Little. This was a double dream forBunna and answered his Mother’s wish along with singing with Uncle Jimmy Little.

Bunna gives a very special thank you to Uncle Jimmy Little who he was privileged to call a brother, friend and uncle.

Jimmy Little - Mother song CAAMA Music

The Late Uncle Jimmy Little


Catherine Satour vocals Mother dsitribted by CAAMA Music

Catherine Satour


Words and music Bunna Lawrie © 2003


Mama,  Maaaaaa ma, Mama,  Maaaaaa ma


When I open my eyes, I saw your face, and your smile

You gave me breath, you gave me life

You’ve nurtured me into this world

You cared for me and brought me up


I thank you for all the Love and Care

We thank you for all the life we’ve shared


We Love you, Mother, We Love You


And sometimes, when life was hard

It didn’t show on your face

You didn’t cry , You showed your grace


When life was hard you came through

Your so strong and your so true


We love you, Mother, we love you


Your so true, Mother, we love you


When you told me a little story

That your Daddy said to you

When you grow up, don’t worry

Just be kind just be true


But he didn’t mean about money

The kindness you show

And the Love you give

Is so rare, Mother, we Love you

Maaamama you’re so true

Mother we Love you


When I saw your face, I saw your smile, You gave me breath, you gave us life

On and on through all the years, The happiness, through all the tears

Through the life we’ve shared, We Love You, Mother, we Love you,

Maaamama you’re so true, Mother we Love you,

We Thank you  for all the Love and Care

We thank you for all the life we’ve shared

We Love you, Mother, we Love You

Mother, we Love You, Mother, we Love You


The Musicians

Vocals;             Jimmy Little, Bunna Lawrie, Catherine Satour

Backing;          Guitar Bunna Lawrie, Percussion Buzz Bidstrup, Keyboards Niall Anderson,  Cello Caddie Brain.

Production;      Niall Anderson Love Hz, Corey Noll, Jon Wicks, Nigel Campbell and Ben Mansfield LanternLight Sound, Craig Pilkington Audrey Sound.


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