Jen Ng, a student at the University of Technology in Sydney, recently interviewed CAAMA Music’s artist manager, Nicola Pitt, for a radio feature about the role of artist managers and what makes a successful artist-manager relationship. Listen to that radio feature here, published for the first time via Soundcloud, in which Nicola explains the challenges of being an artist manager in one of the most remote music scenes in the world.

In this radio feature you’ll discover that there is usually a team of people who work behind a musician to ensure their music is shared across audiences. The manager plays a pivotal role in developing an artist’s career by connecting them with the industry. The relationship between the artist and the manager can often be the key to successfully sharing diverse musical talent across national and international markets.

Jen Ng spoke to blues musician Marlene Cummins and various music managers to find out more.

Music in order of appearance:

‘Pension Day Blues’ by Marlene Cummins

‘When Will We Be Paid’ by Marlene Cummins

‘In Your World’ by Cloud Control

‘Tjamuku Ngurra’ by Tjintu Desert Band (CAAMA Music)