The first single from Apakatjah’s long-awaited album is available on iTunes from 23 September!

WARU is sung in a mixture of English and the Aboriginal language of Luritja, and was a finalist in the rock category of the NT Song of the Year Awards 2016.

Their debut album, recorded at the CAAMA Music studios and produced by Dave Crowe is due for release early 2017. Originally going in to record an acoustic album, it quickly turned into a full band affair.

“Most of the songs on the album have never been recorded or played live as a full band before. Some of the songs were just ideas sitting in the back of our heads for over a decade before we finally tapped into each other’s brains to write and record the songs we have on the album. Most of these songs have been played at gigs for over 3 years as an acoustic duet, so it’s great to hear the songs as a full band” – Dion Forrester on their forthcoming album ‘In Between’

Through its two band members Apakatjah combines the cultures of Aboriginal Australia (Pintupi-Luritja, Pitjantjatjara, Pertame Central Arrernte, Alywarre, Kaytitj and Islander), as well as heritage from European, Indonesian, Irish, Welsh and Dutch migrants.  The word ‘apakatjah’ is a Luritja kriol word for a person of mixed race heritage, which the duo have reclaimed to demonstrate the pride they have in their identity and to draw strength from their culture.

“We want our performances to be an experience that touches people as much by the lyrics and music, as by the story behind it”Jonathan

Apakatjah credit Nick Pincott

Apakatjah credit Nick Pincott


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